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Light tackle flats, backcountry, and near-shore saltwater fishing charters
 along Florida's Nature Coast in Crystal River and Homosassa. 


2014 Scallop Season will open in July !  I will post the official dates when they are definate.
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Hi, I'm Captain Mark Zorn, also known as Captain "Z".   I'm an 8th generation native Floridian and have lived and fished in Citrus County for the past 29 years.  I'm a member of the Homosassa Guide's Association, and charter for the Atlanta Fishing Club.   I also offer private, group and family fishing charters.  

I guide from a 24-foot Carolina Skiff and like to chum up the fish whenever possible.  I fish up to four anglers in my boat and always strive to give my clients a day to remember. 
I offer light tackle flats, backcountry, inshore, and near-shore guided saltwater fishing charters along Florida's Nature Coast in Crystal River and Homosassa, where you will catch species including redfish, speckled trout, Spanish mackerel, cobia, sheepshead, snook, gag grouper, snapper, sea bass and others...

I also offer scalloping trips during season ( July - Sept ) out of both Crystal River and Homosassa.  You can find more information on both Crystal River Fishing and Homosassa and Crystal River Scalloping trips under my Services / Rates link below. 



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Cleaning Scallops

Cleaned Scallops
First, don't waste any time getting your scallops on ice.  Not only does it keep them fresh, the cold causes them to open up easily.

Next, with the dark side of the scallop up, hinge facing away from you, insert a knife blade or sharpened spoon between the top and bottom shells from the right and cut away the muscle at its
attachment to the top shell.  Remove the top shell and discard. 
 Step #2

Then, Remove the dark innards by gently scraping from hinge to front with a spoon or scallop knife. The innards will peel cleanly from the muscle if you carefully scrape over the muscle from hinge to front, pinching the innards to the knife or spoon with your thumb as you pass over the cut surface of the muscle. This will leave the clean muscle attached to the bottom shell. Step #3

Now you simply scrape the scallop meat from the bottom shell and you're ready to
 cook and enjoy!
Step #4




























 Scallop in natural habitat ( on bottom in seagrass )    

The 2014, scallop season opens in July and runs into September.  With the scallops being so abundant the past few years, we are looking forward to another great season this year. Crystal River and Homosassa offer some of the best fishing and scalloping along Florida's Nature Coast.

Whole Scallops:
  2 gallons per day per person, or 10 gallons total per boat

Cleaned Scallops:  If you decide to clean your scallops while out on the water, the limit is 1 pint of scallop meat per person per day, or 1/2   gallon total per boat

You must have a saltwater fishing license to catch scallops.   Just one license per boat won't do; everyone on board needs to have one.  This is one reason why it is a good idea to hire an experienced and knowledgeable guide to take you scalloping.  Not only can he take you to where the scallops can be found, all the necessary licenses are provided too !

The only trick to catching scallops is finding them.
They are usually found hiding in or around bladed sea grass. Because of the coloration of the shells, they blend in easy in the surrounding area. If you're in a boat, a pair of polarized sunglasses really helps to scan the water in search of the scallops.  When you get into an area of  bladed grass,  get into the water and take a closer look.   If you find a one, you'll usually find a lot more!


Scallops are fairly easy to catch! The only equipment you need is a mask, snorkel, fins, and a mesh bag to hold the scallops.   Scallops move by snapping their shells together and 'spitting' water out! They propel themselves rapidly in a zigzag direction.  Most kinds of scallops have a series of brightly colored eyes along the edge of the mantle.



1.  Once removed from the shell, you can batter and deep fry them, or you can also broil them in butter and garlic.  Be careful not to overcook them, they only take a couple of minutes.

2.  Some people prefer to leave the muscle attached to he shell, put a drop of soy sauce on the meat, and surround it with crabmeat stuffing.  Then broil it for a couple of minutes, shell and all.  Then you just eat this tasty morsel right out of the shell.

3.  Once the scallop meat has been removed from the shell, you can also drop it into your simmering spaghetti sauce.  You only need to do this a couple of minutes before serving.

4.  Although it is not recommended, a few brave souls do eat them raw !  However, you can put them into a lemon juice marinade for a few minutes, and eat them sushi style.

1-4 People $300.00 
Add $50 for each additional person up to a
    maximum of 6 people per boat.
*  A 50% deposit may be required during scallop season.  Refundable with a one-
    week advance cancellation notice.        

INCLUDES:  All required licenses, scalloping equipment and ice.  Also includes one on one help/instructions on cleaning scallops at end of day.  Or, let the locals clean your scallops for you.  They're fast and charge a very reasonable rate.  

Call 352-400-1925  or Email:






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